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imac v1 300We are proud to offer a bespoke web design and development service which at its core, features our highly developed IGNITE content management system.

Our powerful CMS has been built from the ground up and makes easy work of managing anything from a small brochure website, to e-mail marketing, to a fully stocked e- commerce site. Whatever functionality you can think of, we can easily incorporate it.

All our websites have clean HTML5 and CSS code making them fully responsive, which means they work and look equally beautiful on PC’s, tablets and phones.


Our Methodology

Getting your message across quickly and simply is the goal when designing for the web. With so many sites vying for attention, you need to capture your visitor’s attention within a matter of seconds.

Brand, logo, colour, font, navigation, content organisation, the list goes on and on. All of these factors are considered when we design your website. Every design is unique and bespoke to you.

The process

Here are the steps we’ll be taking to get your project delivered from start to finish.

  1. Discovery – through a process of surveys and meetings we’ll gather all the information we need to have the best understanding of your business and goals.
  2. Architecture – just like a building, a website needs a solid blueprint. Together we’ll determine the best way to organise your website and sketch out a rough outline.
  3. Content – with a solid blueprint in place it will be your job to collect, organise, edit, and deliver to us content for each page of the website.
  4. Design – at the same time you are working on content our team will be creating non-functioning comprehensive layouts showing possible design directions.
  5. Development – with all the necessary architecture, content, and design elements in hand we’ll create the first working version of your website.
  6. Launch – getting your website “go live” ready will inevitably require several rounds of revisions and polish. Once the website is ready, we’ll go through the final launch checklist.
  7. Warranty – your site is now live! Over the next several weeks our team will be training you on how to manage the website and helping you solve any issues.


The security of websites is of paramount importance and CreativeComms is one of the few web development companies who employ Certified Security Testing Professionals who, as part of the testing phase of the site development carry out comprehensive security tests against both the website and the infrastructure upon which the site is hosted.

This ensures that the site is not vulnerable to attack, either via the web site application or as a result of poor configuration at an infrastructure level. We are also able to offer regular security reviews of the site to ensure that it’s integrity remains as new attack methods and vulnerabilities come to light.

Our IGNITE system was recently certified as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI/DSS) Level 1, the same level of security as banks use to secure their client transactions.

Social Media

We make our websites with social media marketing in mind. We include easy to see icons on every page to direct to your social media landing pages, Facebook fan boxes and like buttons on all consumable content. We will also include any relevant social media embeds like Twitter feeds or  YouTube channels.

On Completion

Before your website goes live we will do a quality assurance review of each web page to make certain it meets specification. Also, we will help you transfer your DNS to point to your new website. Finally, we will provide a 90 day warranty period from the day the website goes live to make sure the website meets your specifications.

The completed site will be deployed and configured on our servers. At the conclusion of the deployment the site will be tested once more on the final deployment server. All files transferred to the server will also be supplied to you on CD ROM, along with a second CD ROM containing the source and development files used in the creation of the site.


As part of our commitment to our clients and their new websites, we offer online training sessions which cover (depending on the features of your website) the following topics:

  • Website management using our CMS and onpage editing
  • Secure zones
  • CRM (Customer database)
  • Web Apps (Homepage slideshow, projects gallery, forms, e-commerse etc.)
  • Reporting & Analytics

Each training sessions cab be recorded and presented for future use. Additional screencast training sessions may also be delivered to support specific processes included in your website project. You will also have access to our client support portal which provides comprehensive on demand online training videos on all aspects of our system.

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