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As part of our new media portfolio, we are able to provide a video production service for businesses and organisations that can benefit from the many advantages that multimedia videos have to offer.

We use the latest in High Definition (HD) video recording equipment and video editing software to produce professionally edited and creative video.

Our video content can be tailor made for numerous applications; for use on websites, social media channels such as YouTube and Vimeo, mobile apps and DVD.


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Welcome customers to your website

Enhance visitor experience for the public


Launch dynamic social media campaigns

Launch new products or services


Raise awareness of your business or cause

Show a product demonstration


Create a backdrop at an exhibition

Deliver corporate presentations


Document the history of your organisation

As part of a mobile app

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As you might expect from us, the video we produce is a bit different. We often combine the use of traditionally shot video, photo stills and time lapse photography which really sets our videography apart from the rest.

Whatever your needs, CreativeComms video production experts have the creativity, skills and experience to deliver your message with visual impact and maximum effect. Call us on 08445 611646 to discuss your ideas and see how we can help you.

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Peterborough Cathedral | Step into the light


Video Synopsis

The video has an ‘epic and film like’ quality in terms of music and tempo. It is intended to break the mould in terms of expectations of a video about a Cathedral and also engage a younger audience.

The apprehensive tempo of the music at the start reflects the notion discussed as to people visiting the cusp of the Cathedral but not actually going inside. As the music progresses it adds a euphoric tone entering into the building. The choral element underpins the religious nature of the building whilst the undertones of contemporary instruments bring something new and engaging for a younger audience. This all leads to the sheer explosive majesty and beauty of the building and to the final logo ‘Step into the light’ which has several layers of meaning.

The final twitter hashtag #cathedral2018 is deliberately ambiguous without any description as to the date. This is intended to lead to questions about the subject matter – Why 2018?

Aims and Engagement

  • The video will engage on many levels and lead to actual footfall through the building.
  • It is just over 2 minutes long which is ideally suited for a social media campaign.
  • It appeals to religious, cultural, public, educational and artistic institutions and also local media.
  • It will be used to raise sponsorship for the Cathedral.

Press Release with video launch

Step into one of England’s most evocative Cathedrals and experience the sheer majesty of this magnificent living building. Peterborough Cathedral is a treasure house of religious, cultural and community life.

In 2018 it will be the 900th anniversary since the foundation of the present Cathedral. The anniversary is being used as a focal point to develop and introduce our vision for the future which includes plans for a Heritage and Education Centre and a new Cathedral and Community Music School. For more information please see: | twitter#peterborough900


Whatever your needs, CreativeComms video production experts have the creativity, skills and experience to deliver your message with visual impact and maximum effect.

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