Social media training courses


Twitter for Business

Twitter for business is a half day course which provides all the knowledge required to successfully use the social platform twitter. Twitter has become the place to be seen and used properly, can seriously put your business or organisation on the map. Find out more..

Linkedin for Business

Linkedin for Business is a one day course that gets you setting up your profile and learning how best to utilise this resource. The Linkedin platform is predominately used by business professionals to network, connect with old and new contacts and join sector specific groups. Find out more..

Social Media Workshop

Our Social Media Workshop is a full-on, one  day programme where you will experience going from zero to hero in the world of social media. Many of our clients explain it as ‘an eureka moment’ when they finally understand what social media is all about! The course covers everything you need to understand and get started with social media and is designed to be both interactive and practical. Find out more..

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