Social media account management


In a Nutshell..

Following discussions and spending time understanding your organisation and developing your social media strategy, we implement this for you – immediately. Using our resources and extensive experience, we will create and establish an authentic online presence for your brand, fast. When you are ready, we will then train you and handover, simple.

Qualifying Criteria

There are hundreds of companies out there would be happy to take your money and represent you online, however few achieve any meaningful ROI. Representing your brand in the social sphere is a complex matter and for this reason we only take on a limited number of clients who meet our criteria (see below)

Companies/organisations should have

  1. a marketing strategy
  2. a clearly defined brand
  3. integrity in their business dealings
  4. a clearly identifiable target audience
  5. clear objectives about what they want to achieve


We will spend time with you (usually ranged from 1 – 3 days) and

  1. Review your current marketing activities
  2. Determine your primary objectives
  3. Define your audience
  4. Explore which platforms will work best for you and how best to engage them
  5. Document a social media strategy
  6. Agree a schedule of information we will require for you and when

 The range of things we can achieve for you

  • Establish your brand online
  • Find, monitor & report on your competitions online activities
  • Create engaging branded account profiles on twitter, facebook, Linkedin & YouTube
  • Create original content in the form of blogs/articles, comment, video etc.
  • Engage and build your audience online and develop advocates who know and understand you/your brand/ our cause etc.
  • Orchestrate online promotional initiatives
  • Raise awareness of your events and activities
  • Establish you as an expert in your field
  • In sort the list is endless – it depends on what you want to achieve.

Handover of your accounts

Following our initial discussions, we will manage your social media accounts for an agreed timescale. If, after this period you have the resources and feel confident to take on the accounts on your own, we will give you all the details and off you go. We will of course, be on hand to offer any guidance and support that you need.

 Our Fees

Initial consultancy, developing your social media strategy and creation of your chosen social media accounts is charged at a rate of £495* per day

Following our initial discussions we will prepare a fee proposal for your approval.

Client accounts* are billed monthly.

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