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Climb to the top of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing for a wide range of relevant keywords with our search engine optimisation services that dramatically increase your visitors.

The goal of every search engine is to return the most relevant search results for the end user because, from a purely commercial point of view, it’s in their interest to do this.

The higher your website appears in search engines the more visitors you will receive, which in turn creates an increase in sales. Your website should therefore be constructed in such a way that its structure makes it as easy as possible for search engines to fully comprehend your website content in order to accurately categorise it.

This is achieved using our range of search engine optimisation services that identify the most appropriate keywords you should target, optimises the technical build of your website and ensures each product page is fully adapted to attract the greatest number of visitors from natural search engine results.


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Keyword identification

There are of course many different search terms people will use to find your company and products. The basis of any e-commerce marketing is to identify these keywords using a range of tools. Typically our research will produce a list of 50-150 keywords which forms the basis of all e-commerce marketing activities.

General website optimisation

Optimising your website build, creating user friendly navigation systems, linking all pages and injecting your range of keywords around the website is the first major task on any e-commerce marketing campaign.

Product page optimisation

When customers search for your products they will use a range of specific keywords such as the product name, product code or a more generalised range of terms. We ensure all your products contain the most appropriate descriptions to give them the best chance of appearing in Google.

Creation of a sitemap

A sitemap is used by both people and search engines to navigate around your website. Our sitemaps are automated, which means you don’t need to manage them as your product catalogue changes and we provide both a sitemap webpage for people as well as a sitemap.xml file for search engines.

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Search engine optimisation is focused mostly on Google, Yahoo and Bing as these are currently the three largest search engines. Google has the largest share of the search market, especially in the UK, and Yahoo and Bing who are currently joining forces trail with less than a quarter of the search market between them.

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